Saturday 6 June 2015

Who's Fia?

Hi! My name is Fia! I'm 30 years old and come from the northern part of Sweden called Norrbotten.

I moved down to the southern part (Skåne) in 2008. I live in Malmö, which is 30 kilometers from the Danish capital Copenhagen. It takes about 20 minutes to travel over the Sound to Denmark with train.

I started this blog in 2008 while I was fairly new to Skåne and mostly read books since I didn't know anyone. Later on I reached out to the book blog- and sf-community asking if anyone would like to start a SF-book circle with me.

Best. Move. Ever.

I ended up meeting my best friend Frida, who's also my co-blogger 'Farraw'. And I got to meet Simon, Calle, and Frida R. I think Calle was the one who mentioned this big conference happening in Stockholm in juni 2011; Eurocon. So, we went, checked it out, absolutely loved it and was completely bitten by the fandom bug.

The next year I went to Kontrast, Swecon 2012, and after that me and Simon started Malmöfandom, which now is a fairly big group with regular pub meetings, writer circles and book circles. I'm still shocked to have been able to be apart of creating this Malmö-group. I just love how easy it is to make people come together nowadays. My big dream is to create a sf-conference here in Malmö. Hopefully we will be able to create some event soon.

When I'm not blogging, going to sf-conferences, reading, watching tv-series or playing board games, I'm working full time as a personal administrator.

Facts about Fia:
1) I'm a crazy cat lady, and have two cats named Aska and Sota. They are 11 years old.
2) I'm hard of hearing, and have hearing aids on both sides.
3) My favourite films are Inception, Mad Max Fury Road and Star Trek The Voyage Home.
4) Favourite writers are Connie Willis, Nene Ormes, Karin Tidbeck, Kristina Hård, Neil Gaiman, George RR Martin and Robert A. Heinlein. (Among others.)
5) I'm completely tone deaf but like to write filks.
6) I'm currently (since 1998) working on a master piece sf book that will never ever, ever be published.
7) I'm on twitter as @feeejay and @malmöfandom
8) I love to watch Teen Wolf, Sleepy Hollow, most of the Marvel and DC-series, Game of Thrones, am a big fan of Joss Whedons works, and Battlestar Galactica and X-files.
9) If I were to move to another country, I would love to live in Scotland.
10) Am often told I look like Scarlett Johanson. I can live with this. ;)

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