Fandom is an independent network of people who love to read, write and talk about science fiction and fantasy books, or more correctly; the fantastic genre.

We often call ourselves fans, since we are fans of reading sf- and fantasy, and we like to arrange litterature events called conventions (kongresser, in swedish) where we invite special guests to talk about science fiction and fantasy (often writers who themselves are fans of the fantastic litterature).

Here in Sweden we have an annual sf-conference called Swecon. In 2015 is was ConFuse in Linköping. Guests of Honour where authors Madeline Ashby, Ben Aaronovitch and Kristina Hård. In 2016 it will be Fantastika in Stockholm.

This year there's also a big convention in Åland, called Archipelacon.Guests of Honour where Karin Tidbeck, Johanna Sinisalo, George R R Martin, Parris McBride and Gary K. Wolfe.
Next year, there will be a relaxacon, a small convention in Åland, called Åcon 8. Zen Cho will be it's Guest of Honour.

In Malmö, we have Malmöfandom. If you're ever in Malmö, make sure you visit us!

My con-reports:

ConFuse 2015
Archipelacon 2015
Fantasticon 2015
LonCon 2014
Kontrast 2012 (Swedish)
Eurocon 2011 (Swedish) day 3
Eurocon 2011 (Swedish) day 2
Eurocon 2011 (Swedish) day 1

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