Saturday 10 February 2018

Party Across the Pond (or "River" as the people of the Gamma forests would call it)

Full house at the Doctor Who party! The Swedes were honored with the VIP seats in the front row.

 At the beginning of this millennia, or to be more exact the 1 of July in the year of 2000, a bridge that connect Sweden and Denmark was opened, bravely crossing the sea of Öresund. It solved the pesky problem that, if the sound is frozen solid, it's still legal in Denmark to clobber a Swede to death if we ever cross the ice by foot. Now we just take the train instead.

Yesterday four valiant Swedes braved the mishandled public transport system to attend the yearly Doctor Who party our Danish brothers and sisters were throwing. Armed with only our wits, a couple of the 4th Doctor's scarves and a bowtie (because bowties are cool), we arrived at the cinema where it was to be held some of us not really knowing what to expect. Linnea and Fia had attended once before and Fia assured us the Danes are crazy just like us. 

And boy was she right, in the best way possible! We were met with open arms by wonderful people in brilliant cosplays and different kinds of Doctor Who-themed attire, and of course fishfingers with custard. Our "person on the inside", the Danish fan and co-organizer of the event Sanna Bo Claumarch, was running around getting everything ready and organized but paused long enough to give us all a brilliant smile and a strong hug before running off again. The spirits were high and contagious. 

The Scarf Squad.

The cinema we were in was charming, the walls covered with old film posters, film rolls and mysterious bric-a-brac. The lights were coloured, the furniture mismatched and the atmosphere cosy. Everyone were talking lively, munching their fishfinger-custard concoctions and sipping their still-not-ginger-fizz welcome drinks. 

The biggest part of the agenda for the night was the viewing of some episodes from the show of course. This time the plan was to watch the very first and the very last episodes of the classic Who as well as a Christmas special from new Who. 

We saw in order:
An Unearthly Child episode 1
Survival eps 1
Survival eps 2 
Survival eps 3
Planet of the Dead 

Before each new Doctor we got a short Whovian history lesson by co-organizer Steen Schapiro about those episodes and the people and circumstances behind it, which added a very enjoyable dimension to the viewing. We all know how we Whovians love our relative dimensions in time and space. Perhaps not quite as much as the Lovecraftians though.

Co-organizer Steen Schapiro talking Whovian history between episodes. Good thing he's not an archaeologist, or he would have been pointed and laughed at. Notice his excellent vest!

The whole thing was wonderfully arranged and I can't imagine it going down any better. We were all in agreement that we had a great time! 15/14 will go again next year.

Co-organizer Sanna Bo Claumarch happily squeeing with her arms full of gifted books from Fia. Thank you ever so much for inviting us!
(Credit to Sanna Bo Claumarch and Fia Karlsson for the lovely pictures.)