About Frida

Hi! I am the very erratic co-blogger here at Boktimmen. I may only write once in a blue moon, but when I do it's with passion.

I started reading fantasy when I was about 10 years old, around the time I moved on from reading all the books about horses I could lay my hands on. David Eddings was my gateway drug, so even if I may have a bit more critical approach to his books today he still holds a very nostalgic place in my heart.

Once I started down the fantasy road I just gained traction and read everything even remotely fanatsy-esque in my path at perhaps a, in hindsight, bit troubling speed. I found the Swedish fantasy community Catahya online, started playing board games, table top role playing and finally, by pure chance, stumbled upon a notice Fia put up about a book circle close to where I live. I was 21 at the time and that's when I learned to appreciate science fiction as well, thanks to our wonderful group of people who shared a love for books mixed with an ability to talk both gently and passionately about them.

Fia and I have been inseparable ever since and she is the one who got me into the fandom way of life. She brought me to my first convention and I am utterly lost to the charm of the people and way of sharing a common love for the fantastic.

Facts about Frida:
  • I've played video games since I can remember, starting with a NES and Super Mario Bros 1, and has never lived without at least one gaming console in my life.
  • Handicrafts are a very big part of my life even though I'm not overly good at it.
  • I was properly introduced to anime and manga at the age of 15 by way of Samurai Champloo and its amazing sound track, resulting in me getting into yet another facet of fandom.

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