Tuesday 31 January 2017

The Art of Gilmore Girling.

There is a secret art to living your life to the fullest. A secret code to feeling good about yourself, your life choices, your personality. When all else fails, you have to go all out Gilmore Girls-style.

1. Find your own Lorelai/Rory.

Find that person that loves you unconditionally. That one person that takes an interest in your life, who wants to talk to you about anything and everything, that friend that will make your favourite dinner, or just shares your love for bad movies or just knows exactly what to say when you're feeling down because they know you so well.

2. Don't take things too serious.

Find joy in everyday things. Get a perspective. Don't take yourself too serious. We're all gonna die anyway.

3. Appreciate your friends

Be happy we're not all exactly the same. Be glad if you have friends with quirks because those are the interesting people, my friend. And don't judge a book by it's cover.

4. Be true to yourself.

When Lorelai got pregnant at sixteen, she made a choice. She could stay at the Gilmore's and marry Christopher. It was the easy solution. But that wasn't what she wanted out of life, so she ran away and made a life for herself and Rory elsewhere. She remained true to herself even when she let her parents back in her life. She thrived. Don't settle, thrive!

5. Wallow.

You are allowed to have emotions. Use them. They serve a purpose. You have to wallow at times.

What do you think? Have I forgotten some rules? Sound off in the comments!

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